We Also Repair and Maintain Hardwood Flooring

 Greens Trim is the company in Huntsville, AL you need to hire whenever you need help with repairing some scratches or covering stains on your hardwood flooring. We started our company about 10 years ago, but we have over 16 years of hands-on experience in this field of work. This is why now, we are one of the most preferred local companies and are able to do all kinds of flooring repairs. However, in case you need more information about that before you give us a call, we suggest you stay on this page and keep reading.

 Over time, your wood flooring can get scratched from high heels, the nails of your pets, your kids while playing, etc. No matter what has caused the scratch, we are able to fix it, saving you money on replacing your whole beautiful floor because of a few imperfections. We, from Greens Trim, always use high-quality pastes in the color of your wooden floor to fill in any little holes and scratches. Once we are done filling them in, you won’t be able to tell that there was anything done to that area.

 Some other common issues that we can repair are squeaking boards and also cover stains. If the squeaking board cannot be set in place, we can replace it with a new one and blend it seamlessly with the rest of the flooring. As for stains from coffee mugs left on the floor or other too cold or too hot objects, we are able either lighten or darken them using a few special products. Before that, we will sand the area and vacuum it. Once the mark’s shade is corrected we will apply a stain in the color of your flooring to completely cover it. When we are done, your wood flooring will look as good a new!

 To find out more about our hardwood flooring repair service, you should get in touch with us. We are always happy and eager to help the people of Huntsville, AL so if you too live in the area, give us a call at (256) 414-3209 right away!


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